Our GIFs are fun, can liven up your posts, and are pretty easy on the eyes!

We’re adept at taking a static designs and giving them just the right amount of life.


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Let's get started.

I have lots of information and want Sketch Post to visualise it. How does this work?


Step 1

To begin, we will require a one page summary and reference images (word doc, pdf, slides etc.) of the content to be visualised.


Step 2

After the initial sketch is shown, we will proceed with two revisions then final design.


Step 3

After the final design is presented, we will provide your graphic/GIF in digital format, ready for web and print.


You will receive two things.

Exercise_Workfile_CMYK crop.jpg

Sharp visuals

High res static images can be shared via tweet, text or email instantly. You will receive PDF, JPEG image files.


Animated GIFs

We can give your story more longevity as cool GIFs can be shared online.



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